Sunday, April 10, 2011

All Natural

On my quest lately to find all kinds of new all natural recipes for both beauty and cleaning I have come upon TONS of stuff to share with you guys.  Whether then put everything into one HUGE post that I am sure no one would get all the way through, I am going to be spreading them out over the month.  Today I wanted to share an etsy store I found accidentally.  I was searching the internet for empty chap stick tubes.  I wanted to make some more chap stick but I wanted to put it an some chap stick tubes.  I found several places that sell them for REALLY cheap but the problem was that the CHEAPEST I  couldn't find shipping on them was 10 dollars!  Um, if the product cost ten dollars to ship then it ISN'T cheap ( even if it is only 15 cents a pop! )

This lead me to THIS shop on etsy.  It is called Owl Naturals ( you know I love the name! ) and she has all sorts of body butters, lotions, deodorant, soaps and supplies!  Her stuff is all natural and very reasonably priced.  She had some empty chap stick tubes as well.  Go check it out.  I realize that not EVERYONE is into making things that they can just as easily buy.  If you would like to go all natural but are not interested in making it your self check out her site.  Also, there are many people on etsy who sell this stuff.  Owl Naturals has ingredients you can buy to make your own too.  I will be posting some recipes tomorrow that you might have to buy some things for to make.  EEEEEE  I am excited.  I think all this home made stuff is awesome!

Until tomorrow....Enjoy your Sunday!  Today I get to teach my first lesson at church and it is about Honesty.  Here's hoping it goes over well.

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