Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coconut Oil day 13

I found a new use for Coconut oil!  After using it as a diaper rash cream the other day and not having the results I wanted I hadn't tried anything lately.  But alas, I figured one out.  Coconut oil is great for getting out sticky tape!  haha  I had that nasty sticky tape ALL around my face and in my hair line by my ears.  I rubbed coconut oil all over it and then shower and rubbed my face with a wash cloth.  I must say it did a pretty amazing job of getting it out.  Didn't get it ALL out but I am telling you my face was SO sticky.  The good thing about coconut oil is that it stays on your face for a while.  So I just kept rubbing every time I would feel it on my face and you could feel the coconut oil working it's magic still.  Today I think it is all gone.  So next time you get a sticky mess on your face from medical tape or bandaids, try some coconut oil!  Worked for me.

No projects here.  Just healing and spending time with family.  After my check up yesterday I already had 20/20 vision without my glasses!  WOO HOO  That's results baby.  Today my Sis and I are going thrift store shopping.  This is probably my favorite thing I get to do while I am in Utah.  My sister and I love the thrift store and I know I never get to go unless I am here.  I am HOPING to find a blender that I can purchase so I can make some hand made lotion when I get home.  Here' hoping.

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