Friday, April 8, 2011

Coconut Oil Day 4

Today's use for coconut oil seems like an odd one.  Trust me, it works.  From the last couple of post I am sure by now you are figuring out it is a pretty good conditioner for your skin.  Well, it is also really good as a conditioner for your hair!  When I was doing the baking soda and vinegar to wash and condition my hair,  I was worried about my scalp drying out.  I read that you can take a little coconut oil and rub it on your hands and then run your fingers through your hair and massage your scalp.  Do this before you go to sleep and then wash your hair the next morning.  The first time I tried it I put WAY to much on my hair and I didn't wash it the next morning.  It took me until that afternoon to get to the shower (  the kids )!   Then I made the mistake of using the vinegar again!  My hair was really greasy.  The next time I tried to use it as a conditioner ( I read to use it about once a week ) I didn't put nearly as much on and I washed my hair ONLY!  It worked great,  My hair was really soft and my scalp didn't seem dry at all.  My son who is 5 years old still has REALLY bad cradle cap.  When we moved here I told him we needed to start brushing his hair EVERYDAY to try and get rid of it.  I also started trying to put something on his scalp.  Before I knew about the coconut oil I tried baby oil and that seemed to work okay but it was horrible to try and get out of his hair.  So I have been rubbing the coconut oil on his scalp once a week and then washing it out.  His cradle cap which he has had since birth is almost gone now! WOO HOO   This is wonderful for me!  So excited.

So have you looked up coconut oil yet to read ahead of what I might be saying next?  Do you have a use for it that I haven't mentioned yet?  Leave me a comment and if I haven't posted your suggestion yet, I'll be sure to use it one of the days.  THANKS!

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