Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentines Day

How many people who read this LOVE tradition?  I am not a big fan.  Not so much of traditions in themselves like, opening presents of Christmas but things like wearing a veil on your wedding day or putting hearts all over your house for Valentines Day.  I am not a HUGE fan of that.  I like holidays.  I like doing projects that symbolize them but I hate following the crowd.  I hate making things everyone else is making.  I hate doing mushy things just because the holiday says I should.  I mean come on, how many guys want something mushy on Valentines day?  I think most of them would rather have something sexy.  I once told my husband if he ever bought me flowers on Valentines day I would kill him.  I think it is ridiculous that they charge twice as much for flowers because of the date.  Seriously.  Any ways.  I tried REALLY hard last year to make something that was both sexy and something we could use that I enjoyed making.

Last years present

I love how it turned out and it was 100% me.  I drew the design and then put it on the pillow and I wasn't seeing them any where else.  It is hard coming up with original things though.  Especially with how popular craft blogs are and sharing ideas.  This year I am tapped out!  No ideas what so ever.  Anyone got an ideas?  One year I made him a pillow case for when he travels that had pictures of all of us on one side and then all pictures of me on the other side.  I told him he could sleep with me at night and then flip it over for the day time!  Another year I made him this

Not super original but he was going to be gone for Valentines day so I made him a jar with quotes.  Every quote was about long distance love and I told him when he got lonely to read one or two.  He sat down and read them all in one night!  haha  Go figure.  I have also made him coupons and he STILL Has them and has only used one or two.  I have even hinted to him a couple of times that I found his coupons he never used and he always says, "I know I REALLY need to use some of those."  and yet there they sit.  I think this is the problem with girls giving boys gifts sometimes.  Most boys ( but not all ) aren't really creative with things like that.  Another thing I have though about making him was a case for hims lap top or net book.  The problem is he likes buying stuff like that and I don't think he would want to use one I made because he would trust the one from the store more.  I can understand that but man would for sure be cuter!  ;)

On a side note, I have three simpsons t-shirts that I want to do something with for him that don't really fit any more.  Any ideas?  I thought about just cutting them and wrapping each one around a cork board and hanging them up for us to pin stuff too but I am not sure.  If you think of anything don't hesitate to share please.  :)  I am going to ponder further on this Valentines day thing...I have other thoughts but are just totally unsure.  I am sure he won't get me anything any ways but I still wanted to make an effort.  My sister and parents will be here on the 15th so we are going to sneak out to dinner together which really is good enough for us  We NEVER get to do anything alone so that will be awesome for us.

I hope everyone else has something cool for Valentines day!  I put something in my etsy shop that is marked as a Valentines day present that is just sitting here.  Maybe if it doesn't sell I will use it.  haha  It is a zebra garter that says, "TAKE ME" on it.  heehee  Again...I like to try and go with sexy rather then mushy.  heehee


*Lauren* said...

Katie, you make me smile :)

Kristy Lou said...

You could wrap the shirts around a canvas and he could use them as art. Or you could combine them with other fabrics and make him his own cuddle blanket for when he watches TV :) Maybe you could make him a whole dinner of his favorite foods? Or when he is at work that day, send him a picture of your boobs (to his phone). That will make him happy all day. lol

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