Friday, February 25, 2011


I have a CUTE repurposing project for y'all today, however, it is not quite done and I promised my kid we could go to Target.  He is the PICKIEST eater EVER!  I am not just saying that either.   He eats peanut butter, wheat bread or wheat hot dog buns, cheese, carrots and apples.  THANK goodness for the last two!   He will also eat chicken nuggets from about 3 or 4 fast food and OCCASIONALLY will eat an actual hot dog with the hot dog bun.  The other thing he eats and request frequently ( this is SUPER embarrassing to admit publicly on a blog by the way ) is a baby food.  Yup.  Not only is it a baby food but it is the WORSE smelling baby food ever.  It is broccoli and carrots with cheese and I swear it smells the same going down as it does coming up.  It's awful.  He got a leapster for Christmas but we only bought him one game.  We have been bribing him to try new foods to get a new game.  Last night he got the last rock for his rock jar and we get to go buy a game today.  He is really excited.  When I went into his room to get him up before I was even in his room all the way he popped up and said, "Oh good morning mom today is the day we get to get my new game.  Thank you mommy for letting me get a new game!"  haha  He is SO sweet when he is sweet.  And SUCH a stinker when he is mad.

Any ways.  I'll be back this afternoon with a finished product and some pictures.  You won't want to miss it.  By the way, this finished product is going in the etsy shop.  I LOVE how it came out but you'll understand when you see it that it isn't for everyone.  I wish it was for me because I love how it came out.  I feel a new one in the works for me next week ( hopefully with a tutorial too! )

Happy Friday and I'll see y'all later this afternoon.

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