Thursday, February 24, 2011

Re-purposing Week: Day 4 TIES

My handsome blue eyed nephew Seth just turned one.   His mommy wants to go get his pictures taken but she wanted him to wear a tie.  That is where I come in.   She told me what colors she wanted and I sent her a picture of all the fabric choices I had on hand.  She picked on out and I got started.  I looked on line at several place.  If you want a really good tutorial with a printable template for OLDER kids, check out purl bee   I had two problems though.  I didn't want a REAL tie because Lauren said Seth pulls on everything.  Second it was TOO big and lastly ( I know I said two but I guess it was 3 haha ) I like figuring things out because then I can make and sell them if I want to.  Using other tutorials usually limits what you can do with the finished product.  So after looking at ties on etsy and the different patterns that were available on there I finally just started making my own.  I had bought a tie at the thrift store when I went with my sister and used it as a template.  This is a great way to figure out how something is made.  This was the first one I came up with.

Cute right?  But can you see my problem?  It was WAAAAAAAAY to long.  My son who is 5 and HUGE for his age could wear it and have it long enough.  SO this meant trying again.  But I didn't want to waste my fabric so I picked something else out from my stash and went to work.  This was try number two

Perfect!  Now I just had to make it AGAIN in the right fabric.  So here is what I ended up with for the Seth man

I can't WAIT to see his pictures because he has the prettiest blue eyes and I can only imagine how blue they are gonna look with this around his neck.

When Seth was a new born I had made him a tie out of an old brown one I got at the thrift store.  ( If you were wondering why this post was supposed to be a repurposing one and so far I haven't "repurposed" anything here it comes...)  And I found several great tutorials on line for transforming a mens tie into a baby tie.  I don't know where the one is but you take the SMALL part of the tie to make the tie and then you cut off the rest and add elastic for his neck.  His mommy loved it but it got to small too quick.  She gave it back to me so I could fix it and I never did.  OPPS.  She mentioned to me how much she loved that tie.  Well guess what?  I found the left over of the tie and made him a new one with the big end.  Here is what I came up with.

Check out this tutorial for something similar to what I did HERE  I didn't use this tutorial because there were parts I wanted to do differently but this gives you a great idea on how to do this.  You can even buy matching ties for the whole family and then just fix the kids ties accordingly.  Nice!  

So here is all four of them

The nice thing about it is I have two ties for my photography prop box now.  Also, this got me thinking about bow ties again.  Last year I did a bow tie tutorial after finding one at the thrift store. You can find the tutorial HERE

I am getting the itch to make a bunch of bow ties now!  EEEEEEE

Since this re-purpose was kind of a lame one, I am planning on posting again later.  CROSSING my fingers any ways.  You never know how the kids are going to be for me later.  So come back later and check out what I get time to put up!


*Lauren* said...

What do you mean "this was a lame post"!!! Not to the mommy of Seth! :) Thank you Katie! What a nice surprise to get the bigger version of his first tie, that I love! Equally excited to get his new 1 year pic/easter/spring tie! I'll copy you...EEEEEEE! Can't wait to make my little man look like a little stud ;)

Katie said...

HAHA Lauren I didn't mean it was a lame POST I meant it was a lame repurposing post! That's all. I love the tie. I almost didn't post this because I wanted the second tie to be a surprise BUT I was too excited. :) I think it is going to look adorable on Seth! Are you going to Sears or are you having Natalie take the pictures? i can't wait to see them.

Kimberlee said...

Love the ties. That paisley fabric is great. Every little man needs a tie.

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