Thursday, February 17, 2011

Next Week

So I have been doing a lot of sewing lately. Mostly small re-fashioning stuff.  I was thinking about doing another week of posting.  Since I did recipe week this week, I think next week is going to be RE-FASHION week.  Sounds like fun right?  I think it should be.  There are so many things you can do to clothes to make them fit better or to make them longer or shorter or whatever it is you need.  I have that problem all the time of things being to short.  Whether it's shirts or skirts and dresses, they just don't seem to make things that fit people who are taller then 5'5.  That's okay.  This is why I LOVE sewing.  Next week will be filled with lots of re-fashionsing projects.

My sister was here for a day or so and we managed to sneak out to the thrift store we have here in town.  I hadn't been yet.  I got a couple of goodies.

See that fabric?  It is a round table cloth that I am planning on turning into a skirt!  I hope it turns out cute because I REALLY love the 70ish style of fabric.

Cute shirt I bought Kayla.  I LOVE how cute it is.

My SIL Lauren wants a tie for my nephews 1st birthday pictures.  I bought this skinny tie to take apart and use as a pattern!  Then this frame I bought to repurpose.  It's an odd size which is why I picked it.  I plan on using it as a jewelry organizer.

And this AWESOME suit case.  I have been wanting an old suit case for photo shoots.  My sister saw it and showed me and then we opened it up and saw how cute it was inside.  Check it out

I LOVE the inside.  It's so adorable.

Then I bought these for 50 cents.  I plan on maybe making a cute little jumper dress for my girl for the summer.

And real happiness came today when I went to pick up the mail.  I had a box from with my material I ordered last week!  EEEEEEEEE  Now next time I am in the mood to make more flower hair clips for my etsy shop I am gonna have TONS of material to cut up and use.   See y'all tomorrow for another recipe!

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Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Score! with the suitcase! It's adorable! What a very cute idea for a photo shoot.

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