Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Kiss Goodnight

I kissed my husband goodnight and told him I needed to go wash the kids sippy cups and bottles before I went to bed.  I turned the lights off in our room and headed for the kitchen.  The bottles are soaking in hot, soapy water.  What a girl to do right?!  haha  BLOG

I have been not myself lately.  Which usually means lots of crafting because it makes me feel better.  This time around I haven't crafted much.  Partly because my husband had 4 days off of work so we were running around trying to get stuff done.  One day this week I DID get a couple of things made.  I was looking through clothes the other day and saw my brides maid skirt from my sisters wedding.  It was a very pretty skirt and was an AWESOME color of fabric but it was too small.  I tried it on and to my amazement it fit again!  WOO HOO  I pondered this for a while and then decided that I was just never going to use it.  I took the plunge and cut the sucker up!  Check out the cute flower I made from just a little section of the skirt

I placed it on two different back grounds but I am not sure if it made much difference.  It is kinda hard to get good pictures of a charcoal color shinny fabric!  The top of the skirt had bias tape made out of the satin fabric and while cutting the top off I had decided to throw this part away.  Then I saw it sitting on the counter and thought, I could use that!  So I did!

I am in love with these flowers right now!   Then I busted out with some yellow satin fabric I got on sale before I moved and made this flower.

Then I made this one ( Which I am MADLY in love with!  )

Is it weird that I my crafts are going further and further into a direction that I would not use myself?  Does that make sense?  I LOVE these flowers but I totally would not wear them myself.  I don't think they fit me well and I don't think they look good with my short hair.  I am LOVING feathers right now but again, wouldn't wear them.  I just want to make them for other people to wear.  Crazy, I know but seriously LOVING them.  So for now, these will go in the shop!  Hopefully some time tomorrow I will have time to get them in the shop for someone else to love.  If you haven't gone to my shop already take a peek.  I actually lowered some prices this morning and half of my items.  I really wasn't sure what to price some things at and since I have made ZERO dollars so far and spent WELL over that, I figured I needed to make some adjustments.  In the mean time, check out all the stuff I ordered through the mail this week.

I am absolutely loving the bleached peacock feathers!  I can't wait to make some hair pieces with all of these goodies.

I guess the bottles are done soaking now, what do you think?

Oh by the way I have plans for this blog next week.  Starting Monday I am going to post a recipe a day! But before you dismiss me because you don't bake or cook, they might not all be food related so stick around and come on by and see what we mix together!  My sister is coming Monday and we plan on making a cake with a twist.  Hopefully it turns out and if it doesn't then I will still have something to report.  Also, I have discovered something recently that has CHANGED my life!  Seriously...CHANGED!  can't wait to share it with y'all too next week during recipe week.  Yeehaw



Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Agh! These are so cute! WHERE are you finding these beautiful buttons?

I can't wait to read about what has changed your life :)

Hope you're feeling more like yourself soon. I know the feeling.

Katie said...

Sarah you will never guess where I got the! haha I bought more yesterday too and I bought a couple of different kinds. WOO HOO I will email you about what changed my life because I bet it will change yours too! :) PS I am wearing my new deodorant woo hoo

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

These are so pretty.

Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

Katie I love the flowers!!! and I think they look great on short hair, believe me! My hair is to my neck (soon to be shorter, cause I want to get a new hair cut!!!) and I love to wear stuff like that....are you gonna sell those on your Etsy store????

Katie said...

Sassy Crafter I WILL be putting these in my etsy store. Hopefully today during nap time or tonight after the kids go to bed. I know they look good with short hair because it seems half the models on etsy sporting this stuff is on really short haired girls. For me personally I think they look weird on me. haha I guess I'm just self conscience.

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