Friday, February 25, 2011

Re-purposing Week: Day 5 ACU Purse

What the heck is an ACU?  Well if you are a military family or live in a military town you probably know the answer.  It's part of their clothes.  I am telling you that military wives usually go crazy for stuff made out of these.  Partly because they have special meaning, especially if they use one their husband actually wore while overseas.  Another reason is because it is more attractive looking then the normal camouflage.  I took a picture of what one looks like.  I only had a top that my friend gave me.  She said she knew I could do something with it and I FINALLY got around to it.  I am pretty sure she gave it to me like 6 to 8 months ago.

These have SO many pockets and since I needed a lot of material I pick all of them off.  This took forever.

Next I figured out how big I wanted my purse to be and I examined the all of the pieces I had to see where I needed to cut.  After much going back and forth I got everything figured out and started sewing. I was doing a tutorial but then it got complicated and I stopped.  I LOVE how this purse came out though and so I plan on making myself one soon and I will do a tutorial with that one.  Here is the finished product

It;s got two side bottle pockets.

It's got two pockets on the back with lift up flaps to keep the stuff in them.

One big pocket inside the purse

and the strap is double sided.  I love it because it is not really big but it is big enough for any mom on the go.

Seriously LOVE it!



Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

This would be worth TONS around here. You are so talented - The pockets on the outside look so nice in their original form. Great job!

April said...

I LOVE this! It's so cute and functional. Were you ever able to make the tutorial for it?

Katie said...

April thanks for the compliment. I TOTALLY have not had time BUT I assure you it is on my to-do list because I want one for myself! haha

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