Friday, February 4, 2011


Beware:  this post is not for everyone.  Boys ( like there are any boys reading my blog ) this is period know that thing that happens to girls once a month.  Yeah...

I have been wanting to make some cloth maxi pads for 6 months to a year.  Every time I would bring up the tutorials I could find, something would happen.  A lot of the times I would end up starting and think to myself, "I'll make them for next time!"  Next time would just never come.  FINALLY I decided to sit down and get it done.  I got a bunch of inserts made.  I got one outside made and one cut out ready to make.  I have had a really rough couple of days and so I never got around to finishing the outside.  This morning I started.  Booooooooo.  So I ran some errands and then came home and finished the one so I could try it out.  So far, me likely!!!

Aren't my owl's cute?  I had left over from when I made Kayla a baby blanket.  You use flannel for the outside and then I researched what to use for the inside.  A couple of people mentioned using old burp cloths and I had tons left over from Kayla that didn't get used a whole bunch. She didn't really throw up. So I had been saving them for when I FINALLY decided to do these.  I also wanted to make them water proof.  Most people use PUL for this but I did not have any, nor have I ever bought it before.  I found people who sell it on etsy and considered ordering some.  THEN I found a blog that said she used a water proof baby sheet for crib mattresses.  Kayla just stopped using her crib so I had one that was not going to be used any more.  I busted it out and cut it up and now my pads are water proof!  YIPEE!  So basically everything about this project was free because it was all left overs.  SO EXCITED.  I have been wearing my first one for about 4 hours now and let me tell you how much more comfortable they are then the store bought ones.

I used a button because I do not own a snap press and I didn't want to use velcro.  Let me tell you though that the button doesn't work so well especially on the flannel.  Mine has come unbuttoned once.  Hopefully it doesn't come undone again.

Here is the tutorial that I ended up using tiny birds organics

Check it out.  If you are interested in making your own you can google cloth menstrual pads or something like that and a bunch of different ones will come up.  This just happens to be the one I liked.  But a lot of them have printable templates you can use.  Going green is so refreshing sometimes. I will let you know at the end of the "experiment" how it went.    heehee

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Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

I cracked up reading, "Aren't my owls cute?" hehehe

You're so talented. I never would have thought to use burp cloths and waterproof sheets.

I hope you're selling tons of stuff on etsy :)

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