Sunday, February 13, 2011

Purple Valentines Shirt

Funny that Valentines day just happens to be tomorrow and I made Kayla this shirt with no intention of it matching the holiday!  Technically it doesn't match just because it says LOVE but whatever.  Here is the before picture of this MAJORLY stained shirt!

This shirt had stains going WAY far down so another tuxedo shirt was out of the picture.  I decided just to do some cute ruffles!  Oh by the way if you like the pink LOVE fabric I used here it is a one dollar bandana from walmart!  This is actually left overs from a dress I made here when she was only a couple of months old.  I'd show you a picture but we don't have the dress any more and I don't have a picture of it on this lap top.  It is on this blog some where though if you wanted to see it.  Any is what I came up with.

That second ruffle is how far down the stains went!  Sheesh.  My niece Madison must have had something AMAZING to eat that day!  haha It was probably Mexican food with me! :)  here is an up close of the ruffles.

I pinned the first ruffle in place but the second ruffle I pinned the very top and then just sewed slow and tucked as I went.  I am not sure which one was faster but if you like to have total control of your projects for sure pin it first.  Then I ended up pinning another one and then winging the last one.  I think it turned out cute!

I even tried to keep it so you could see the word LOVE somewhere.  It kinda worked.  haha  Just so you know I don't have a serger and I didn't sew the edges at all which means this will fray when I wash it. I am okay with this.  I think the frayed edges are cute!  I just hope the whole thing doesn't fall apart after one wash.  I'll let you know how that goes.

I didn't have a matching hair yet...I will though on another day.  Kayla hasn't worn this yet so I will post a picture once she does. I LOVE how this one turned out.   Here is Kayla with the hair clip and shirt on! Ain't she a cutie pie?!

About 4 hours after this we went to the store to get some groceries and she lost it.  I kept thinking, "I JUST made that stupid thing!"  When we got to the car I found it.  She had ripped it out of her hair and then placed it inside of the bottle pocket on the side of my purse.  Sheesh.  Glad it wasn't gone and hope I can get her to actually wear it once in a while.

Now I am tackling this dress!  ( I ran out of time to get it completed yesterday so hopefully sometime this week I can fix it.  My mom and dad come tonight and then my sister and her baby come tomorrow and will be here for a couple of days so I might not have time.  We'll see.  )

This dress was a dollar at the thrift store and I LOVE it!  It still fits her every where except the arms.  I can barely get it off of her so the arms HAVE to go.  I can't wait to show you this one because it is such a simple fix that is super cute.

Tomorrow marks the start of my RECIPE week!  I am excited.  I hope y'all are too. Remember it won't ALL be food recipes so stick around if you want to get some good info and some good recipes.  Tomorrow I am starting off with a no dairy cake.  Yes you heard me right, a NO DAIRY cake.  It can be done I promise and it can be delicious.  My poor niece can NOT have dairy which is SUPER hard to do.  So I got on the internet and tried to find her mom a cake recipe so she could have cake on her birthday.  They loved the recipe and my brother actually said it was the best chocolate cake he ever had.  Hmmmmm  I guess we'll find out!

See Y'all tomorrow!  Have a wonderful Sunday!  I know I will.  We are going to the first part of church and then coming home to cook black bean chicken enchiladas for us and my parents.  MMMMM  I can't wait!


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