Sunday, February 13, 2011


My husband has to work a lot of saturdays now.  Boooooo  BUT he doesn't have to travel so it's okay.  Yesterday mommy was in a creative mood.  I decided to bust out some shirts we had acquired from my sister in law that were stained.  She was going to throw them out and I said pass them on to me.  You can't tell in this picture but I swear there are stains on it.

SO I went to my stash and looked for something I thought would match.  Then I decided what I wanted to do with it.  The stains were kind of spread out so I decided to do some ruffles like a tuxedo.

I pinned the ruffles.

I sewed this down and then I pinned on what I wanted to be in the center.

Then I sewed this down and then I hand sewed on some buttons!

Then I went ahead and made her a hair thing with some of the left over fabric

She was styling!

She had already ripped the hair thing out at this point.  heehee  This was just the first shirt.  During nap time I started on the second shirt.  This one is purple.

I'll add that shirt in a post later because I didn't put the pictures on my lap top yet but it's pretty cute too. The thing I like about this project is that one person might see this and hate the color combination and think its so ugly.  Then the next person might love it!  That is why I love crafting!!  To each his own.

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