Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Luv Country Boys

I bought this shirt after I had Tyler because my clothes didn't fit. It was 5 bucks at Walmart and one of the only shirts there I was willing to wear. It said, "I Luv Country Boys"

Not the best picture of me but there is the shirt. A couple of months ago I was going through all my clothes and was trying to get rid of crappy shirts like this I didn't wear any more. I decide I wanted to try and turn this one into a romper for Kayla. I got one she already had and cut away at my shirt in the shape of the romper. Then I put it off to the side and NEVER finished it. This was in APRIL. I FINALLY got it out on Thursday and decided this was the day to figure it out. And I did. It only took like a half an hour too. I was not hopeful it was gonna work so I didn't take pictures along the way for a tutorial. Opps! maybe we will make another one. Here it is on my girl

I LOVE how the neck is slightly big so it would kind of drift to one shoulder. I don't have a snap press so I did something cray on the bottom. VELCRO! My friend told me she had a romper with Velcro on the bottom and she said she loved it because it was so easy to open. It works well. I made the strip too long though because it you notice it looks like it is riding up her. It actually isn't but the Velcro is stiff and doesn't bend with her body. I also want to make the legs cute and gather them a little. Hopefully I will get around to doing to BEFORE NOVEMBER! :)

I have another project in the works with this salon wrap.

Isn't the fabric cute? I got two of these salon wraps in Utah last November for like 50 cents each. Here is the other one I already turned into a diaper bag which I don't use any more HERE I need to find someone who wants it!

Any ways. I am making another purse but I think this one is going to be SO cute! I can't wait until it is done. Hopefully by tomorrow. Crossing my fingers. You've got two more days to enter the sewing giveaway to celebrate my one year anniversary of sewing! WOO HOO sewing machines! Hope y'all have a grand weekend and if you live in Texas like me, happy TAX FREE SHOPPING THIS WEEKEND! Another reason to love living in Texas! ;)


Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

Problem solved Katie!!! I would love the diaper bag (wink, wink) =)

Josh Healy said...

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Allison said...

Wow, good job that turned out really cute.

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