Friday, August 27, 2010

New Bag, New Friends

Today is New Friend Friday at Trendy Treehouse and I try to remember to join this party when I can because I enjoy finding new blogs. I don't know about you guys but when I find a blog I like I will sit for an hour or two and go through the ENTIRE blog! Haha Sometimes it takes me the whole day ( off and on because with two kids and no husband at home for a couple more days I CAN'T just sit here all day! ). Sometimes if it is a super old blog, it could take me a week. I love doing it though. It seems like I am the only one this blog crazy though. If anyone else does this, please leave me a comment so I don't feel like a complete loser...haha

New Friend Fridays

Any ways. Here is the etsy PDF purse I just finished!

Isn't it CUTE! I love it! The etsy account is called Sew With Me 3 Click on the link and see all the cute purses she has in PDF files. The one I got is called the No 10 Pleats Bag Click on it to see the page. I LOVE this shop because she is SO smart to make a sewer friendly version of the PDF download. What that means is it was only 4 bucks instead of 8 and it is basically for people who either know how to sew well or are very knowledgeable about putting together purses. I am not super AWESOME at sewing itself BUT I have put together a zillion purses ( aka like 30 which SEEMS like a zillion! ). So instead of giving you in depth details on how to put on interfacing or how do pleats she basically gives you pictures with SIMPLE instructions on the pictures that are plenty for someone like me to follow and come up with a super cute bag. Who can beat 4 bucks! If you have never done a purse before I would highly recommend buying the other version because you WILL be confused and frustrated by the sewer friendly version. So go to her store and check it out.

Do you LOVE this one that I made? WELL, as soon as I pick a name for my shop I will be selling it! WOO HOO I can't wait to make more of them now.
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