Thursday, August 19, 2010

Steering Wheel Cover Tutorial

So who reading this has been HOT lately? Like REALLY hot!? When I was leaving church on Sunday I could barely touch my steering wheel and it occurred to me that back in the day EVERY car seemed to have cute steering wheel covers just for that purpose. That is when I got the brilliant idea to make one. How hard could it be right? Then I figured, I'd better make it into a tutorial. I try and keep the tutorials coming if I can and I also try to make them something that is not on 3000 other blogs. I don't understand why anyone does crayon roll tutorials any more sense pretty much everyone who has tutorials on their blog has one! I mean, why go through ALL the trouble when it is already on so many other blogs. When I made my first tutorial on the Bow ties, I did that because I could only find like ONE other one in blog land. Now there are a bunch of them out there and people keep putting them up! I don't really understand that. I don't want to waste my time doing something that I don't need to do. I also want to keep things fresh on here so no one gets bored. I do however LOVE anyone who puts up purse tutorials because each on is different! HA! Bias I know...

Any ways...sorry for the rant there. Steering Wheel covers are SO easy! Like RIDICULOUSLY easy. I was all excited to pick out some cute soft fabric too. Then I thought about my husband. My husband drives any time we go do anything and we always take my car because the car seats are already there. This meant anything with pink ( which is not really me anyways ) OWLS or anything TOO girly was gonna get taken off every time he drove, which when he is home is a lot. I decide that was lame and just made it a solid color. It is also very soft and I LOVE IT! It is however boring and so when I get my hands on some more elastic I am going to make me a better one and just switch it out when my husband drives. Want to see a picture?

Not much, I know, but it does it's job and that is keeping my steering wheel from getting scolded by the sun. Also it is soft. I haven't driven with it yet because I just finished this today so I will let y'all know how it goes tomorrow when I drive.

So who wants to know how to make one? It is SO simple. Go measure your steering wheel. I do not know if all steering wheels are the same but I bet you most vary, slightly. Mine measured in at 47 1/2 inches or so around. it was also about 4 inches or so in thickness. I took my fabric and decided to cut 2 strips at 6 X 25 1/2 inches

The I took the strips and pinned them right sides together on the 6 in side and sewed them together

Once you sew it together, flip it over and sew the other 6 inch side together as well. It should look like a big circle

Don't mind that HUGE pile of crap in the back ground. It is my card board begging to be recycled. Our recycling center isn't open during the week unless you call and make an appointment and open only every other Saturday. Let's just say this LAST Saturday was the day and I forgot.

back to the tutorial. Now you need to make casing for the elastic. This will depend on the size of your elastic AND what kind of fabric you choose. I picked a fabric that doesn't fray so I only folded mine over once. If you need to fold your over twice, you may want to cut your fabric 7 inches instead of 6. The I folded over about half an inch and sewed ALL the way around one side of the circle until I got about 2 inches from where I started.

The opening should look like this

Remember if you have a fabric that is going to fray what you should do is fold over your fabric and sew it down and then fold it over again and sew it down. This way it will not fray because the cut side will be tucked away. Just make sure you leave it big enough for your elastic to fit through.

Grab your elastic and put a safety pin on the end of it like so

Stick the safety pin inside the casing and feed it through but make sure to not let the other end go all the way inside the casing or you will have to pull it out and start over.

Feed the safety pin out the other side of the hole

What I normally do at this point is safety pin the two together so I don't lose one end and have to re-do it. Go ahead and do the other side the exact same way. Next sew the elastic pieces together. I always over lap them an inch of two and do a zig zag stitch 3 or 4 times up and down. Next, sew the hole closed and you are good to go! Should look like this when it is all done

Cute right? Now go try it on your car! It should fit perfect! OH I TOTALLY FORGOT SOMETHING! I didn't tell you how long my elastic was. DUH! I cut mine 24 inches which was about half the size of my steering wheel all the way around. So let's go over the measurements and materials needed again shall we

cut 2 pieces 6 by 25 1/2 inches
2 pieces of elastic 24 inches long
2 safety pins

If you make one with cute fabric I totally want to see. I think I seriously will make me a cute one with skulls or something for when my husband is on trips. I just need to get more elastic because I am ALL out!

Also, at the dollar store I bought something that looks identical to this made out of terry cloth for my hair. It is AWESOME! You put it on your hair line when you are washing your face so your hair doesn't get wet. If you want to make one for yourself, just follow these directions but change the measurements to fit around the circumference of your head and you will thank me later. I always forgot to use mine, but when I DO use it, I am always so happy my bangs didn't get wet!


One Precious Life said...

That was a great tutorial. I never even thought to make one even though my hands have been burned many times lately. I was going to buy one but didnt feel like paying the $15 they were selling for. And this is easy enough even a non sewer like me could do it.

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Such a great idea, Katie! Since it's been like living in an oven here, I bet it works really well. Love it!

Quilted Cupcake said...

So clever, and an easy-to-follow tutorial. I've always wanted one of these, but didn't want to buy one. Thanks for sharing!

Debilou~Mississippi Mama said...

very creative,, i really want to try this. And since our truck has camouflage around the bottom I'm thinking some camo material would be really cute. Thanks for sharing!

Dawn said...

Found you on the Chick PARADE. Cute blog, love the tutorials!

Dawn @ BeatUntilFluffy & DearMadelyn

Handmade+Cute is said...

Best idea since the invention of chocolate flavored coffee!

wheel alignment said...

Before you can enjoy any of these functions and features, you need to choose the right size for your steering wheel cover to make sure it stays put and does its job.

Anonymous said...

I just read a similar tutorial that said to paint the back side with puff paint to keep the cover from slipping in an emergency.

Cute cover though! It's a great idea...

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