Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Ol' Sonic

For those of you who live in a state that does not have Sonic, I am so sad for you. Now it is SO fattening and expensive but boy is it GOOD! We are usually there once a week getting something. I have been feeling like a bad mom who doesn't do anything FUN with her kids any more. It is SO hot here and Kayla is getting to the CRAZY stage where she doesn't want to sit in the shopping cart and be good. She wants to get out and run around like her brother. So Thursday we got up, had breakfast, got dressed and went to the play ground around 9:45ish. Early enough that it wasn't TOO hot yet. We were there about 30 to 40 minutes and boy were my kids faces RED! When it was getting later ( and WAY hot ) I said, "Let's go get ice cream!" That always cheers up a play ground departure. When my boy was little we could play hard at the play ground for an hour and a half and he would still scream bloody murder when it was time to leave. Does this happen to any one else? Let me tell you what ended up working for us. We would always warn him when it was almost time to go. Then once it was time we would say, "Okay playground. See you later." Or "We'll be back tomorrow playground" and we would wave. Sounds corny but this helped SO MUCH! He would usually just kind of welt up with tears but he would scream and kick. Another thing that worked well for us was I would always bring a sippy cup with juice but I would with hold it until it was time to go. So when he would say he needed a drink I would say, "Okay it is time to go home." and he would either change his mind or gladly accept. Sounds mean doesn't it, but if it was really hot like it has been lately, I brought water for the play ground but he didn't get the juice until we were leaving.

Any ways. We went to sonic and Tyler wanted a chocolate shake and I got Kayla an ice cream cone. I said, "Can you make it small because it is for a little girl?!" THIS is what they brought me

Seriously people...HUGE! And it was half melted already when they brought it out to me. I was a little mad too because I wasn't planning on having any. I have been going back to my south beach diet and was doing rather well. After I took at least an inch off of the top and licked the sides I handed it to my girl

Looks even bigger up next to her and she TORE IT UP! She screamed every time I would take it away to lick all the drippings off before they got every where. And I SWEAR they put crack in their ice cream because she was a maniac the rest of the day. Her is a picture I snapped of her while I was trying to eat dinner

Her hair was all over the place, she was on her third outfit and she was trying to climb on top of the table to steal my soda. We don't even let the kids have soda an she still tries to steal it ever chance she gets. What am I gonna do with is a good thing she is also REALLY freaking cute because I think it is what keeps me from killing her sometimes! haha Love that face...

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One Precious Life said...

Yucky Sonic! Every time I went there they loaded my burger with mustard. Especially when I would ask for light mustard.They do have some good ice cream and drinks though.

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