Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your Face Will Thank You

Well, today is March 1st.  I had stated previously that I wanted to do a lot of green post for the month of March.  I have been doing lots of web surfing and research to bring you guys some new ideas, new recipes and some cool ideas for going green.  Before we get started I just wanted to say this.  Going green can be very overwhelming.  Let me make this suggestions.  Pick one or two things you really want to change and focus there.  Once you have made that change, pick one or two new things.  If you try and change everything at once ( which is impossible ) you will get burnt out and then not want to change anything.  Another thing to consider is this, if you do not believe in global warming or you just don't care, do it for yourself and for your families.   Just ponder this for me.  Was there Cancer a couple hundred years ago?  No.  Did they make all of their own food, soaps, hand lotions, tooth paste and so forth.  Mostly.  Do we make ANYTHING any more or do we buy everything with lots and lots of artificial junk in it?  Pretty much.  I want you to leave on a comment on this post if you do not know someone personally who has had cancer or who has died from it.  I am pretty confident no one will leave a comment because it is EVEERYWHERE.  I think going green is the first step in keeping cancer away from those we love.  And with that here's a picture to share with y'all

My husband got to go to the park with us tonight which meant me actually getting to take a picture WITH my kid instead of taking a picture OF my kid.  I love this little guy ( little HA!  He weighed himself 3 days ago and he is 60 pounds people!  He just turned 5 in December...)

For the first day of the month of March I have a VERY simple face scrub for y'all to try.  I did it yesterday and my face is oh so soft today!  Just take some brown sugar and some honey and mix them together.  Rub all over your face and scrub for a minute or so.  Then wash off with warm water.  After you do this, take some honey by itself, rub it on your face and let it just sit for 20 to 30 minutes.  Then wash with warm water.  Seriously, my face feels so awesome and it has been dry and itchy for a month or so.  It has not itched me once today!

Think this sounds good?  I got LOTS more to come.  I found TONS of face scrubs that sound amazing.  Anyone want to try some out and report back to me for the blog?  Let me know.

Be thinking about what you want to see this month for going green.  So far one person responded with a stain remover.  I have found something so far but haven't tried it yet.  I better get on that.  :)

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