Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Which One?

I am a very indecisive person.  Especially when it comes to my etsy shop and I don't have a specific person in mind when making something.  Today I sewed a purse ( which I happen to LOVE ).  I want to post it for sale on my etsy tomorrow BUT I can't decided which button to add to it.  What do y'all think?  Here is the purse

See where the button goes on the top?  What color should I put on it?

Choice One ( purple )

Choice two ( orange )

Choice 3 ( grey blue )

Choice 4 ( pink )

Choice 5 ( blue )

I am not liking the orange because it kinda blends in but what do you guys think?  I think I like number one but it isn't for me so what do you think looks best?

I can't wait to put this in my shop!  I think it is so cute and I am loving the bright colors.  Kinda springy right?!  I am loving how easy this pattern is too.  I was able to finish it in one day.  Well, I cut it out and ironed on the interfacing last week.  But all the sewing was done today.  All I need to do now so top stitch around the top ( which helps smooth out all the creases so don't worry about how bad the top looks right now ) and then add the button.  Then we are in business.  I plan on making more of these purses in other colors.  I absolutely love sewing!!!

On a side note I had such a ROUGH day yesterday.  I put the kids down for naps and cried.  It was awful.  I had planned something for dinner but it was kind of involved and I thought of calling Cody and asking him to get pizza on the way home.  Then I decided to suck it up and make dinner. SOOOOO glad I did because dinner was SO good and helped me feel better.  In fact, I think when I have another minute I will post the recipe.  I have posted it on our family blog before but not this one.  Then I told my husband I wanted to take a bath.  Did you know we have a big garden tub and have lived here for almost 3 months and everyone has used it but me!  So we put the kids to bed and I got in the bath while my husband did home work.  Then we cuddled and went to bed. It was SO nice.  Today I was determined to have a great day!  We got up early and hung out.  Then we got all dressed and went to the play ground. The kids had so much fun.  Then we went to the post office and walked to the market here.  I let the kids pick out a two dollar toy and that made THEIR day!  We got home and had lunch.  Then we hung out some more and mommy got my sewing stuff out.  Put the kids down for naps and sewed!!!  YEAH!  Then cooked dinner, cleaned living room and had a great evening. WOO HOO

I LOVE HAVING GOOD DAYS!  Don't forget to let me know which button looks best.  I am lost without you!!!!


Kristy Lou said...

Sorry you had a bad day yesterday! I like #1 (the purple one)the best by a lot!!

Cris said...


Ryan and Lettice Barnum said...

Purple! :)

Dana Michelley said...

I'm new to reading your blog, but I love it already! You have the cutest stuff on here.

Dana Michelley said...

oh and my favorite choice is the purple, option 1

Kim and Ender said...

Purple fosho!

Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

oh I really like this purse!!!! option 1, purple all the way!!!!! (is my fav. color)

Anonymous said...

Definitely the PURPLE!!!!!!! Love the purse by the way!!! :)

*Lauren* said...

You probably already chose....I didn't get on blogger yesterday. But, against the majority, I vote blue!!!! because it's the best contrast to the orange AND it picks up the little bits of blue here and there in the purse. BUT purple would be my second choice :)

BTW, cute purse!!!

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