Friday, March 18, 2011

Earth Day

HAHAHAHAHA  Here IW as thinking Earth Day was sometime in March and about a week and a half ago I looked it up on the internet only to find out it is in April.  Boy was my face red.  This is why there has been a SERIOUS lack of Green post for the last two weeks.  Earth Day is actually on April 22nd.  It should be easy for me to remember from now on since it is the day before my mom's birthday.  I am excited for April to come because I have been looking up recipes for all kinds of things for y'all.  I am excited to be sharing them.  I have not tested all of them.  With all of the things out there I do not have enough TIME or MONEY to test everything.  Anyone interested in tested out a formula I find and then doing a guest blog post?  Let me know.

In the mean time, I have been loving my deodorant still!  It's wonderful and my arm pits have been SO soft.  I ALWAYS have ingrown hairs in the area.  Gross I know, but every since I started the home made regimen I have only had maybe 3 the whole month.  Usually I have 3 in a week.  No wonder too since I have been trying to find new uses for my left over coconut oil.  I have discovered that it is a GREAT moisturizer.  If you bought some to make the home made deodorant and were wondering what to do with yours, start rubbing it on your face once or twice a week after you wash it.  It soaks in wonderfully and does NOT leave an oily mess on your face.  It also smells wonderfully yummy.  There are so many uses for coconut oil that I think I might post one for everyday in April.  I am sure there are that many uses for it.

Another thing I have in mind is for a give away the on Earth day!  I have some really cute green bags that will fit in any purse that I bought two sets of on sale for REALLY cheap from Avon.  I have been wanting to do a give away but wanted to wait until the appropriate occasion and I think Earth day is perfect!  I am also going to throw in some home made deodorant and some home made chap stick.  Maybe I'll have one or two more home made items to throw in by then as well.  So stay tuned and be on the look out come April first for some great tips, tricks and recipe for GOING GREEN!

My birthday is April 6th and to help with all the green things I wanted to do during that month here on the blog I told my husband I wanted a book for my birthday.  My sister bought the book loved it and then bought it for my other sister.  I was originally going to buy it for myself and put it off and never did it.   NOW I ordered it from Amazon and I can't wait to get it!  I know it is filled with awesome suggestions and recipes.  It is also a fun read and not super boring as I read some of my sisters when she first bought it.  The book is called GORGEOUSLY GREEN by Sophie Uliano  Check out here web site HERE .  I am going to be checking it out later.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!  I was so happy last week to FINALLY sell my first thing on  TODAY, I sold my second thing.  WOO HOO  It happens to be one of my favorite hair clips I have made.  I am glad someone will get to enjoy it and it is not just sitting here at my house any more.  HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!  I know I am having a good one.  I get to do a photo shoot for some dear friends this weekend before my friend Jason gets shipped off to Iraq for a long time.  I'll share some pictures on Monday.  Until then, I am praying for no rain.

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