Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Do you guys ever check your Stats on your blog?  I didn't even know this existed until a couple of months ago I found it by accident.  I get most of my blog traffic off of two different tutorials I did that got posted on totally tutorials.  I HIGHLY recommend if you want more traffic to try and get something posted on that site.  I have gotten over 2000 hits just on one of my tutorials because of them.  Now for some people that is probably not very much for ME that's a lot.  Any ways.  About once a month I'll click on my stats to see where people are coming from and what they were looking for and the other day I say a weird one.  I had like 11 page views off of this web site and I had NEVER heard of it.  Apparently there is a web site dedicated to FEELINGS.  Yeah....kinda weird right.  Anything that is publicly written like a public blog, they check them for the words "I feel".  If you have the words "I FEEL"  or "I WAS FEELING" or something along those lines, they will add you to their data base. At first I felt weird about it but then I thought of well.  I haven't noticed it on my stats again but it was so weird going to their web site and trying to figure out what the heck they were.  Check your stats!  If you are writing a blog look up at the top and it has 6 different tabs up top.  First is POSTING and the last one is STATS.  Just click on it and give it a try!

So I am feeling better.  Not back to normally but better.  I got a z pak and it is kicking my booty!  I fell totally drugged out and exhausted.  I am wayyyyyy behind in everything you can think of including posting green things on here for the month of March.  So today since I still haven't gotten much done around here I thought I would post a link to a tutorial y'all should go check out.  It is for a reuseable shopping bag that folds up nice and small so that you can put it in your purse. I was working on a tutorial like this too about a month or so ago and never finished it.  Maybe I can manage to do that sometime next week. We shall see.  Any ways here is the link

Fold Away shopping Bag

It looks like a great tutorial.  I have one of these fold away bags that I keep in my purse at all times.  I LOVE it.  My sister gave it to me.  She bought a 5 pack and gave me one, my other sister one and our mom one.  I don't know about them but I use my constantly.  I ALWAYS remember to use my green bags at the super market but I ALWAYS forget to bring my bags with me when going to Target or the dollar store.  This way, you have a bag ALWAYS.  Even if you forget you carry it.

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cindyw6621 said...

I came to your Blog via looking at your Tutorial on a Ruffled wallet over at "Totally Tutorials".
I really like that blog, but am enjoying yours.
Like your black and white wallet, very nice, great tutorial.
Thank you!.

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