Sunday, March 27, 2011


My boy starts kindergarten next year.  I can't WAIT!  haha  I know most mommies are sad and cry and I am sure as I take him to school for the first time and leave him there I will feel sad.  I also will be happy because he NEEDS to be with other kids SO bad.  Kayla also needs a mommy that can give her more attention.  When Tyler was little we would go to the play ground almost daily.  Poor Kayla gets to go monthly and the reason for that is because when I take them, Kayla goes one way and Tyler goes the other.  If I am not giving TYler attention he yells for me "MOM PLAY WITH ME!"  It's horrible.  We end up not having fun even at the play ground.  He just doesn't understand that she needs more attention so she doesn't hurt herself. She is one of those kids who would just walk off of a ladder if no one was watching her.

Any ways.  On Saint Patricks Day Tyler had an appointment at his soon to be school.  They tested him.  he answered everything correctly.  It was kinda funny because Kayla answered half of the questions correctly too!  Honestly, I bet my kid could go straight to first grade and be at the same level as everyone.  The problem is SOCIALLY he would be WAY behind.  They gave us a packet of things to work on.  Cody and I were reading the packet last night and laughing.  One of the things it said was that our kid needs to recognize the letters out of order and not just during the alphabet.  Um, Tyler knew that before he was 2!  haha  Oh well.

We also notice a spelling error.  This was written and typed up by the kindergarten teachers at the school.  Can you see the error.

Do you see it?  SO glad our kid will be learning from someone who knows how to check their spelling and proof read!  haha


Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

web sights???? hehe

kailiaelf said...

Cuz, you know, websites need to SEE!

Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

hahahahah I love the last comment!!!! Katie I gave your blog an award go check it out

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