Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fixed Dress

Kayla had this dress that I got at a thrift  store for 2 dollars.

Isn't it so cute?  I LOVED it.  It still fits  her perfectly fine except the arms were too tight.  The last time she wore it I couldn't hardly get it off.  I didn't want to give it away.  I mean it still fit her fine every where else.  I went ahead and cut the sleeves off completely.  I tucked under the raw edge and sewed it down.  Then I took some lace and sewed that down for a new sleeve.  It turned out SO cute and it was SO simple!

I tried to take a picture of Kayla wearing the dress but this was the best I could get.

So what can you do this too?  Warm weather is on it's way and I am getting the urge to do this to a couple more shirts.  We shall see

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