Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Necklace Onesie

I know you guys have seen them.  The fake necklace onesies that are going around.  Who ever did that first was so smart!  I know I said I don't like being trendy but this one was too cute to pass up on.  As you saw in the last post, I bought a tank top with the fake necklace on it and turned it into a dress for my girl.  Well, I had a baby shower I missed a month ago and so I had made my friend some stuff for her baby.  One of the things I did was bought a plain onesie.  I didn't know what I wanted to do with it and the baby is due soon.  I FINALLY decided to try the fake necklace.  I looked up a couple of tutorials but none I found had step by step instructions.  Most just gave advice.  SO I decided to try it and take pictures along the way.

The first thing I did was fold the onesie in half so you know where the center of it is.  Then I unfolded it and decided where I wanted to start the necklace from.  BEFORE I started painting I practice with various things around the house to get the right size of circles.  I tried a pencil eraser, a pen and a golf tee.  I ended up liking the pencil eraser and the golf tee for the different sizes.  Before I did any painting on the shirt I took a pencil I knew would wash off in the washer and marked where I wanted my necklace to be.

Here are my utensils

Here are my first couple of circles.

I didn't want my circles to connect on the big ones.  I thought it looked cuter with a space.  I would dab my eraser in the paint and then dab it on a paper towel softly to get a lot of the paint off.  Then I would go ahead and dab it on the onesie.

So here is the first row all done.  I decided to do two big necklaces and one small one so I did the big ones first!

Then I decided that I DID want my small circles to connect so I did that row by connecting all of the small circles.

Now all you have to do is figure out how you want to embellish it.  I REALLY wanted to do a detachable flower.  I decided to use a snap.  That way you can have lots of flowers for every out fit.

WELLLLLL that ended up not going over so well.  When I went to attach the snap to the onesie ( I don't have a snap press so I was using a hammer ) I hit the snap too  hard and put a hole in the onesie!  DOH!

BOOOOOOOO!  I also wanted to do it with the snap because I didn't think the faker flowers could be washed.  SOOO  I ended up making a flower with fabric.  Then I sewed it down and put fabric on the inside of the onesie too.  This covered up the hole nicely.

I think it turned out really cute!  I also made a matching hair bow for her and for her big sister.  I will post pictures later because those photos aren't on my lap top yet.   Are y'all sick of seeing this pink and white polka dot material yet?  Yeah, me too but I still have TONS of it.  It was a sheet set I bought at a thrift store for 4 bucks!  It was the fitted sheet, the flat sheet AND the pillow case.  I have yet to make Kayla a pillow case dress with it but since summer is around the corner I think one should be in the works.


Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

it is so adorable! I really like it =) I think I'm gonna make a couple of those and link back to your blog..thanks for posting!!!!

Katie said...

They are SO easy too! It took me like 10 minutes tops to paint it. I think the flower took me longer to make then the onesie did! haha

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