Thursday, March 24, 2011


Thank you SO much for everyone who left me feed back on my last post.  Sometimes I write on here and swear no one is reading stuff!  haha  It was nice to know someone read my post yesterday.  It is funny because I thought the purple one was the cutest too but I was just second guessing myself.  Since everyone agreed with the purple, that is what I did!  I listed the purse already and here is the listing for it.


On a side note, I had another GOOD day with the kids today.  We even went shopping and I didn't have any problems.  In fact, while at Walmart Kayla was throwing a fit and I was being calm and not giving in and some older lady told me what a good mom I was!  HA!  I kinda laughed and said thank you and she told me how patient I was being.  I wanted to say, "You should have heard how impatient I was on Tuesday!"  Glad everything went better though.

NOW we are off to Costco to buy some GREEN PANS!  I am SO EXCITED!  We have needed new pans SO bad and last week Costco had  a green pan set.  Usually you have to buy them individually.  We got our tax return and this was one of the things we wanted to buy.  Crossing my finger Costco still has them.  We are also eating dinner there.  MMMMMMM Costco pizza brings back childhood memories of one of my favorite places.  Carlsbad Beach near San Diego.  TEAR

Tomorrow I have another project to start.  Tyler picked out some material he wants me to make him a tie with.  I had two days to get it done so he can wear it to church.  Let's see if it's possible.

Here is the finished purse


Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

isn't Costco pizza delicious??!!! with all the cheese they put on it....ummmm! I shall have a trip to Costco today =D

Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

oh and at least you have one person who reads your posts....ME!!!! =)

Kim and Ender said...

Now I want Costco pizza too!

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