Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Identity Theft

How often do you check your bank accounts and credit cards in a week? How about in a day? My husband is awesome and he checks our bank accounts daily....in fact, I think he checks them two or three times a day. He is on the computer a lot for work and school so why not. Well, because of this he has been able to catch identity theft on one of his accounts TWICE this year. Last night he noticed something was off and saw a $1100 charge from another country for an air line ticket. He called the bank right away and they asked him about 20 times if he was SURE he had his card and didn't lose it. He was holding it. They canceled it and are over nighting him a new one. The last time he caught something it was actually kind of weird and annoying. He noticed two charges on Heritage.com which is an ancestry web site. You know, where you can look up people from your family and do your family history. We thought it was WEIRD that someone would identity theft us for that. We called the bank and the lady gave my husband a bunch of crap about it. "Are you sure it wasn't your wife?" He kept telling her, I have my OWN card so why would I use his and I was sitting right next to him saying it wasn't me. She kept insisting it must have been me because who would identity theft someone for such a weird thing. We agreed it was weird but were annoyed she didn't believe us.

Any ways. The point in this post is to say CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS PEOPLE! Daily! my husband said something about him just being paranoid and I said NO YOU ARE SMART! It is smart to make sure you check it once a day to save yourself and your family from some major trouble. Thanks sweet husband of mine! You rock!!!

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