Saturday, November 13, 2010


Do you like to blog hop? I LOVE it! I find a popular blog that does the blog hop, and then I find anything I think is cute and click on it. Then if I like the look of the blog I hit the HOME button and start going through their whole blog. Sometimes, I stay at someone's blog for like 3 days straight because I want to see EVERYTHING they have ever blogged about. It can be very time consuming so I only do it when I have nothing to do or if I am talking to my husband on the computer, like I am right now. I am in Utah and he is still in California so we talk on MSN messenger after the kids go to bed. It's fun.

Any ways. Sometimes I come across the FUNNIEST blogs! Not because they are meant to be funny but because they are not a good crafter and think they are, or they use the ugliest fabric for stuff or they just have the complete opposite taste as me. I just found one tonight that I WISH I could share so y'all could get a good laugh too but I think that would be really mean on me. So I guess all the laughing will be on my part. My mom and I were just staring at her stuff laughing because she not only thought it was all awesome ( which I am sure I have plenty of things on MY blog here people don't like and think are ridiculous too! ) but she takes pictures of herself that you can tell she thinks are awesome pictures. I don't really like doing pictures of myself on here unless I have to or I think something is funny. Otherwise I like to stay out of it. Some times there is no way around it though.

I know my crafting is ALL over the place sometimes but recently I have found myself in love with hair clips again. I bought a bunch of feathers and have been playing with those. It is funny to me because I would NEVER wear any of the the clips I have been making because they just aren't me, but for some reason I am LOVING making them. Weird right?! Again, does anyone else do this? Do you make things you would never wear or use yourself but for some reason find yourself wanting to make them?

Any ways. I have a couple of things on my to-do list before I leave Utah to head back to Texas. My mom wants to start a quiet book for my niece so I have been helping with that. We also want to learn how to do the self binding recieving blankets. I have read some tutorials but haven't tried it yet. I know several people who are having babies so next week some time I think I am gonna go buy some snuggle flannel and try it out. They look very tricky, but really easy at the same time. Then I have another hat to make. This time, for myself. I feel a little corny making myself a hat BUT I am not putting the big ruffle on it OR the huge flower. I am also using some skull and cross bone material. Heehee It is gonna be really cute if I can get around to doing it. then I have a bunch of hair bows and some purses that I HOPE to get around to making. My sisters best friend Beki just had a baby and she asked if I would make her a diaper bag. I told her if she bought the fabric I would be more then happy to sew it and send it her way so we'll see if she buys the fabric before I go home or not. For now, I think that completes the list. I am SO sad I have been missing out on so much cool and fun blog contest and things. I missed purse week, which I would have LOVED to do, I missed knock off week at Sew Much Ado and I think there was one other one I missed recently. I really think I want to do my OWN purse week here. Not that I have many followers and have no clue if anyone will join me but maybe sometime after Christmas I will do that. I think it would be fun. Oh....that is one more thing I want to add to my list, I have a green bag that rolls up and fits into my purse I want to make my own version of. And the list goes on...

What are y'all making right now? Anything cool?

I swear I have been busy here in Utah and just to prove to you I haven't been sitting around on my butt doing nothing, here are some pictures of some things we have done

Went to Tommy's in Barstow California and turned this into

THIS! Looks gross doesn't it!?! It is so freaking good. The first time I took my husband to Tommy's he thought I was crazy and then he tried it! It is SO good!

Then we went and bought How To Train Your Dragon of which I have STILL not even watched

Had a mud and puddle splashing day while little sister was taking a nap ( Tyler thought this was the BEST thing ever! )

Tried on funny glasses at Walmart

Went to a pumpkin patch with Aunt Kimmie

Went to the Senior Olympics to watch my dad compete in the long jump and Javelin Check out this SCARY old woman who was competing

Rumor has it she was banned for a couple of years for using steroids. BIG SHOCKER THERE! haha

Went and saw my handsome little nephew Seth and Niece Bradlie ( and had my brother run his wives car into mine...Booooooo )

Have seen LOTS of gorgeous sunsets

More food

Watched 3D movies with Grampa and grandma

Fun on the trampoline

had a baby shower for my sister ( Birth mom on the left, Ender and then Kim )

Took pictures for them!

and took some mock wedding pictures of my sister and her husband at the temple. I am telling you that is only the tip of the ice burg! We have done LOTS more. I'll post more another time. I need to go to bed. Good night Y'all!


Jackie said...

Katie. You crack me up. Now I want to know what the blog is :)

~Crystal~ said...

Good for you! =)

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