Friday, December 10, 2010

Self Binding

Do you remember my post forever ago about the self binding receiving blankets ? WELL, if you don't, click on the link. I FINALLY finished the blanket I was working on for my friend KP. She is having her second girl. I think it turned out cute. I had a slight issue because the pokadots flannel that I bought was misshapen. The guy who was cutting it for me notice and cut me extra so I could try and fix it. He told me if I took opposite corners and stretch it would help. I did so and I got it ALMOST back to it's original shape but it was slightly off, which meant my blanket was slightly off too. I think it's not bad for a first timer though and I will be making many more of these cute blankets!

1 comment:

Kim and Ender said...

It came out really cute!

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