Friday, November 19, 2010


YEAH!  I have something crafty to post!  haha  I feel like I have been doing all sorts of crafty stuff but not finishing anything so I have nothing to show y'all.  Tonight I am going to share two things.  The first being a present for my sister.  I made my new cutie pie nephew a bow tie onesie!  AND I made his daddy a matching Bow tie!  I can't WAIT to see it on the two of them so if the bow tie doesn't fit I am going to be SO sad!  I am also ( one of these days ) gonna make my sister a flower brooch out of the same material so they can all three be matchy matchy but in a cute non annoying least I think it would be subtle enough to be cute.  What do you think of the bow tie and the onesie?

The second crafty thing I have for y'all is technically not a finished product.  I mean, it's FINISHED  but it is a miniature version of what I was planning on making tonight ( but ran out of time ).  My mom had a list of things she wanted to do with me while I was here.  One of the things she wanted to do was figured out how to make self binding receiving blankets.  We looked up some tutorials and one of the comments someone left said to practice on a small scrap peice of fabric the first time you try it.  I am SO glad I read the comment and did that because the first one I did, I did it WRONG!  The second one however, was a success!  Check it out

Isn't it SO pretty?!  I know it is hard to tell because I used two pieces of the same fabric, but these blankets look so good and so professional.  I am planning on making one out of some REALLY cute flannel I bought yesterday for a friend of mine from college.  She is having her second girl and I haven't seen her in years.  She doesn't even know I am making her something but I thought it was a good opportunity to try out the tutorial and send someone something nice.  I can't wait to post pictures of a done product!  I plan on making some of these to sell because they are just too easy, always wanted and freaking CUTE!  haha

In case anyone else wants to try their hand at these bad boys, here are the tutorials I found.  I would read ALL three of them so you will understand.  You might want to read the comments too because that's where I saw to make a small version out of scrap fabric first and I am SO glad I did.

Piece N Quilt
Fabric Family Fun
Everyday Mom

Go check them out and give it a try...I bet you become hooked too! Don't say I didn't warn you ;)


Lara said...

OOh...that blanket looks beautiful! I'm not sure if I believe you that it is easy, though! I will have to look at these tutorials!

The onesie is also adorable!

Jackie said...

LOVE the bow ties. DARLING!

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