Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Pictures

I got new pictures of my kids up on my wall....just in time to move!  HA  BUT I got them up and they are tready for the next house.  :)   Here they are

Aren't they cute!? I LOVE That I have a printer that prints that big and looks that good and all I have to do when I want a pictures as big as 16 X 20 is walk into my other room and print one out! AWESOME! My sister took the picture of Kayla and it was a full body shot so I had to crop it. Also, she isn't wearing a shirt in the picture and I felt weird about putting up a picture of her with I AM A CHILD OF GOD on it with her nipples showing! haha So I cropped that out too and I love how it came out.

We have celebrated some birthdays around here. My boy turned FIVE on the 1st of December and we had a Chuck-e-cheese party for him. I don't have any of the pictures edited and shrunk but one so here is me and my Boy!

We also celebrated my husbands birthday on the 8th. We didn't really do anything. I had Tyler pick him out a birthday card and Walmart and this is what he picked out

I about died laughing in Walmart over the fact that he picked it. He liked it because it was Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story. heehee

I have ACTUAL sewed this week so hopefully later on today I will get up my latest sewing adventure on here. Hope everyone has a GREAT DAY!


~Crystal~ said...

Ok so what did you use for the words?

Katie said...

Crystal I use Picasa but you have photoshop right? I am SURE you can do it with photoshop!!!

~Crystal~ said...

sweet!! Thanks mama!

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