Saturday, June 11, 2011

Subway Art

Subway art is SOOOOO popular right now!  I love the graphics involved.  I love putting words on pictures.  If you have followed my blog for a while you know I have a printer that prints on canvas and it prints HUGE!  I LOVE IT!  I have pictures of my kids with a famous religious song on them.  My son's picture has the first verse of the Mormon primary song, "I AM A Child Of God." and then my girls picture has the Chorus of that song on it and I hung them right next to each other.  I love them and I always get compliments when people come over to my house.

Well, last week I was looking through all of the people who linked up projects over at Sew Much Ado .  I saw this


And I really liked how it had the red hearts mixed with the black wording.  I have been wanting to try one of these. Later on that day was church.  I was sitting during the last hour listening to this wonderful lesson about how we must make Christ the center of our families and something clicked!  Before I went to bed that night I went to Pic and started working on my own.  I made the word CHRIST the center of the collage and then tried to do anything pertaining to family all around it.  Funny thing is, it looks A LOT like the collage I had found.  Apparently she made it at Pic nik too because the hearts are exactly the same.

ANY WAYS.  I printed it out and was going to frame it.  I got a couple of frames out and it was too big for ALL of the 8X10 frames I had.  Isn't it frustrating that most frames that say 8X10 are actually a little smaller?!  SOOOOO I am going to have to find another frame but until then here is he collage I made

Hopefully I can find a frame so I don't have to try and shrink it slightly.  What a pain that will be!  :) 
Oh and just so I don't seem like a COMPLETE copy cat I didn't steal her words.  Even the XOXO I swear I used for a reason.  I signed pretty much every letter, email anything with XOXO so I swear it was ME.  haha  Enjoy your Saturday Y'all!

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