Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baking Soda Face Wash

We are back from Disneyland and every single muscle in my body hurts!  Two days in a row was rough but the third day was torture on my body.  Especially since the kids were so tired too and wanted to be carried ALL the time.  We gave away our stroller when we moved so we didn't have one.  FINALLY half way through day 2 we couldn't take it and went to rent one from the park.  We ended up getting two and Tyler actually sat in one the rest of day two.  Day three we only got one and then they kept fighting over it.  FINALLY we put Tyler in it and Kayla on his lap.  Worked much better and they looked so cute.

Any ways.  BEfore I left I was going to do another post about baking soda and didn't have time.  I was going to tell y'all two things.

ONE- if you are too scared to try the baking soda in your hair as shampoo but like the idea of it stripping all of the waxes and crap shampoo leaves behind on your hair you can just add some baking soda to your shampoo and it helps strip everything out.  I had read this and my sister reminded me of it the other day.  This is what she does now.  She likes it a lot.

TWO-  need a simple and CHEAP way to wash your face?  Wet your face with warm water and then take some baking soda and make a wet paste in your hand. Rub it all over your face.  It gently exfoliates which we all need and cleans at the same time.  Rinse off with warm water and enjoy your soft face.  So easy and so cheap!  Also, don't worry about it getting in your hair!  Last night I washed my face with baking soda before I jumped in the shower and rubbed my hands on my head after I washed my face.  Then I just got in the shower and washed my hair any ways.  If you wash your hair with baking soda any ways, you're just getting a head start!

So I might not be on here much this week.  I have some new projects  ( like the purse I made before I went on vacation ) but as far as new projects go they might have to wait a week or two.  If I don't get caught up on my family blog I might have to scream!  :)


aStarToSteerHerBy said...

so great!!! the stuff in the store facewashes scare me......too many chemicals i can't pronounce. okay i am following you now!

Katie said...

I know right? I hate reading all of the crap in the ingredients on beauty products. I'll check out your blog after my kids go to bed. Nice to have another follower. I have lots of green living type stuff on here! :)

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