Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dryer Sheets

So who here hates throwing away dryer sheets?  I feel like a horrible person every time I do.  Why?  Because it seems like SUCH a waste.  I mean you use it once, twice MAYBE three times and then you throw it away.  Back in April I started to collect mine.  I had something in mind for mine to do for Green Month.  They take  a while to collect a bunch.  I have actually meant to do this a WHILE ago but have been lazy.  Not sure why either since this took me literately 5 minutes to do and that was mostly because I had to take pictures for y'all to see.

So here is my stack of sheets

First let me back up and tell you what problem we are taking on.  I have a garage where my laundry is.  We live in a golf course community and so we are part of an association.  This means rules.  One of the rules are that our trash cans have to be so far away from our front door.  To solve this problem we keep our trash cans in the garage.  PROBLEM being I still have a baby in diapers and we don't use cloth.  Boooo for us not using cloth ( I know shame on me ).  As most of you know, it's getting HOT.  This basically cooks the poop smell and it is overwhelming as soon as you open the door.  GROSS!  Makes me not want to do laundry and I already hated doing that.  SOOOO here is what I decided to do.

Take your stack of dryer sheets and grab them right in the middle.

Now take some string, thread, yarn, ribbon or in my case a cute shoe lace and tie it around the middle.  Like so

Next, take all of the sheets and spread them around.  Try and make it cute and as much like a ball as you can.

Next I opened up my essential oils

And I decided on Cinnamon but the Rosemary would have been a good choice too.

Sprinkle some on and then kinda scrunch it around a little.

Find a spot to hang it up!

Did it work?  Um, YEAH!  My husband went to the garage to throw something away and he said, "Why does it smell like cinnamon?"  I made a face and then showed it to him and told him what I did.  I expected a weird look from him but not so.  It was down with the garage smelling like cinnamon instead of poop!  haha  I am down with it too.  I loved that I killed two birds with one stone!

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Jackie said...

How funny. I always toss used ones into the diaper pail when I put a fresh bag in. This is smart!

Kristy Lou said...

That was cute...but as a green girl myself I just want to mention that I use dryer balls, and then I don't have a bunch of dryer sheets to worry about. :)

Katie said...

I totally agree with you Kristy. The problem is I haven't found dryer balls I like yet. The ones I bought did absolutely nothing for my clothes and just made a bunch of noise. What kind do you use? Maybe I just didn't pick the right ones.

Melissa Dahan said...
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Very Crafty Mama said...

Now i Need to buy essential Oils! thanks so much for sharing.

Lotus said...

Love this and will give it a try!

CentsLessDeals said...

I can't wait to try this!!

I'm a new fan from the blog hop and new follower via GFC. I would love it if you would follow me back!



Lesley said...

Very smart! Also, I know this because I've been dealing with it lately, the cinnamon oil is a pest deterrent.

Alethea said...

I love this idea :) I am going to put one of these in our utility room, which is connected to the house, not the outside type utility, and that is where we keep the litter box. With 5 cats it's a blast! By the way anyone want a cat lol!

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