Thursday, July 7, 2011


We got back from vacation yesterday evening.  MAN was that a long day.  I had a UTI and it meant basically needing to stop and use the bathroom pretty much every hour.  I think it was more often then the time I was 8 months pregnant and drove from Utah to Texas.  We also didn't have the kids DVD players.  They both broke on the trip and so I was REALLY worried about that.  The kids actually did pretty good.  The last hour or so was painful but other then that it went well.

What is it about being home that is just so nice?  The last couple of days we were in Alton Utah which is a small little town.  I had forgotten my home made deodorant at my mom's so I bought a travel size stick at walmart and I have got to tell you it was horrible!  I am NEVER going back to store bought deodorant again.  My brand new white shirt after wearing it with the storte bought stuff had yellow arm pits by the end of the day.  I wore a different brand new white shirt with my home made deodorant and it had no white pits at all.  Hmmmmmmm

ANY WAYS.  I have tons of pictures to go through and I'll pick some to post on here later.  Since today is thursday I will give you something I am thankful for.  NAPS!  haha  I am SOOOOOO thankful for naps.  Naps for me and naps for my kids.  We tried to go grocery shopping with super tired, cranky kids and it is a miracle we didn't kill one or both of them.  My daughter has decided she likes to hit.  WHERE do they learn this stuff?!  My boy went through a hitting phase as this age too.  Super frustrating.  Any suggestion on how to deal with it?  So far we have been doing time outs.

Everyone have a great Thursday and don't forget to think of something you are thankful for too!

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