Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flower Obsession

I have many obsessions.  They come and go.  Lately it has been making flowers.  I saw a lady at a store in Utah and she was wearing a flower in her hair.  I saw it and thought it was pretty cute.  I KNEW I could make it myself and do you know what?  I ACTUALLY DID!  Too often I see something, take a picture of it with my camera or cell phone and then NEVER try it.  This one was on my mind until I got home from my trip and I could try it.  The first one turned out really big so I decided to make a smaller one in the same fabric.  I think I am going to put them in my etsy shop and sell them as a Mother Daughter set or a Big Sister Little Sister set.  Here is how they turned out!

Aren't they cute?  I was thinking of doing a tutorial but I wasn't sure.  They are pretty sell explanatory ( like I said, I just saw it on someone and then came home and did it like 4 days later. )  But sometimes I think things are easy because I am used to sewing and making things.  Does anyone need instructions?  If I get a couple of people who want directions I'll make up a tutorial for these next week.

So how has everyone's week been?  I had a FABULOUS day today!  I FINALLY got my California drivers license!  WOO HOO  So glad I do NOT have to worry about that any more. I also got to go to the community thrift store here by myself and I SCORED some awesome stuff!  I'll take pictures and show y'all tomorrow.  We also went and looked at some houses today and I fell in love with one.  We are planning on putting in an offer and I can't wait.  Hope y'all are having a great week too!

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