Friday, July 15, 2011


I have MORE flowers to post on here tonight.  I know what you are thinking.  SERIOUSLY?  Yes.  Sorry it isn't something more exciting but I have NOT had much time this week to craft.  My husband has been home on vacation so I didn't really have time to myself to do things like that.  I did however, get to go to the town thrift store by myself for like 45 minutes during nap time on Wednesday.  I SCORED!  I got a couple of vintage ( or at least REALLY old ) pillow cases and I have started to turn them into some pillow case dresses for my daughter.  The one I bought to actually turn into the pillow case dress I am having second thoughts on it now.  I am thinking instead of maybe making me a skirt.  We shall see.  I also found a SUPER cute skirt for me in a size 18.  I am not a size 18 however so I must take it in before I can wear it.  Hopefully that doesn't take me TOO long to do.   It's SO cute that I am hoping it helps motivate me enough tot get it done so I can wear it.  I never seem to want to wear any of my dresses or skirts to church.  I also bought a flat sheet and some other pillow cases, some AWESOME stretchy knit I am planning on making a skirt for me with ( it was 1 1/2 yards for only 1.50! )  a wallet, a leather ( well fake leather most likely ), 4 books for my kids and a basket to do new born pictures with and I got it ALL for 11 dollars.  YYYYYYYESSSSSSS! ( said just like Napoleon Dynamite )

Any ways.  Here are the flowers I made the other day using some tutorials I found in blog land.

The first one is kinda plain but I think I will add a leaf or two too it to add just a little something else.  I tutorial I saw put some leaves off of the side and I didn't think it needed them until I tried it without.

I LOVE how this one turned out and it looks so hard but it really wasn't complicated at all.  It didn't take that long either which is a plus for me.  You do have to sew and some people don't like that but it was worth it in my opinion.

This one was EXTREMELY easy and yet looks so elegant if you use the right ribbon.  I think I am going to be adding some tule, russian veiling and/or some feathers to it.  It's super cute now as it is but some other stuff added might make it pretty darn cute too.  And since my girl refuses to use clips or put anything at all in her hair I will most likely be putting these in the etsy shop.  I have been thinking about doing another giveaway too so maybe I'll use some for that!

I hope everyone had a great Friday.  I got to see two friends I haven't seen in forever and have lunch while the kids played.  It was nice.  That's twice in one week I got to hang out with old friends.  Life doesn't get much better than that!!!

PS We also put in an offer on a house.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.  It is a short sale and they were asking more then what we offered.  We are hoping they counter offer and don't just flat out tell us know. We'll see what happens.  I'll keep y'all posted.  EEEEEEE

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Lesley said...

Congrats! It's such an exciting time, buying a house and waiting to hear about your future. I hope you get it!!

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