Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sorry folks!  I have been busy.  It seems like I have been getting nothing done too which is frustrating.  Partly because I spent time this weekend to make a baby sling for a friend and then work on my etsy shop. I listed 12 new things and with the listing everything comes taking pictures and taking the time to list it.  I would say on average it takes 10 to 20 minutes for me to list one thing.  So needless to say sometimes when I have things to list, nothing else gets done.  My poor husband has been SOOOOO sun burnt too so I have spent lots of time rubbing him down with coconut oil ( which he says helps tremendously by the way! )  He laughs at all of my, "Well maybe you should rub "insert essential oil here" on it."  Whenever something is wrong with him.  THIS time however, he listened because he was in so much pain he was willing to try anything and what do you know IT WORKED!  Little stinker.  We used some avocado oil the last couple of days with the super dry, itchy, peeling skin and that seems to help a lot as well.  

Any ways.  Hopefully I'll get some stuff up here soon.  I have been asked by a local vintage style shop in a town near me to start carrying some of my hair clips in their store.  I was excited about this adventure but it means making a tons of stuff to put in there and I need to get it done ASAP.  I also told the lady I would come take pictures of her shop for her to put on her facebook page and we are going to trade services!  Trading is such a great way for two people to get what they want and to get their business out there.  The shop opens up in a week or two so I have been going a little crazy the last day or two.  Also, I am doing a photo shoot Wednesday for someone from my church.  She has the CUTEST little girl and boy so I am SO excited to do those for her.  I think they will turn out great.  Here's hoping any ways.  So I have LOTS of things going on and I just hope that over the next week or so I will have some time to blog about this and that!  I have a Thankful Thursday post written in my head already so here's hoping that gets typed up sometime too!  haha

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I hope you are not as tired and crazy as I am.  :)

Oh and my mom is a quilter.  She does excellent work.  She is going to start listing things on my etsy shop.  I have listed the first of many quilts she is going to have me sell for her.  Take a look if you are a quilter.  The next one is going to be an adorable baby quilt and I can't wait for her to finish it up so I can list it because it REALLY is so darling!


Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

Congratulations Katie!!!! Wish you the best with this new step....and your mom's quilt its adorable! I love it.... =0)

Kim and Ender said...

That's really cool about the shop. Maybe it will be opened when we come so I can see it. It sounds cute.

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