Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Something OTHER Then Hair Clip

I swear I still do crafty things other then hair clips.  It doesn't seem like it but I swear I do.  Most of the time I do not end up finishing things which is why they don't get blogged about.  While I was in Utah I bought a baby shoe pattern and I finally got around to doing it.  The patter was way easy to follow and it didn't take too long to make these.  It was a change from things being a trial run the first time.  You have to remember I have been sewing for less then two years and everything I have learn has pretty much been from the internet.  Sometimes that means messing things up while I try to figure them out.  I am also stubborn so I often just try and make things without a pattern.  Sometimes I have great success, and sometimes I fall flat on my face.  The important thing is that I enjoy sewing and it makes me feel good to create things.

Anyways.  Here are the shoes

The hardest part of the pattern was after they were done and I was trying to figure out how to decorate them.  I finally settled on these flowers I bought a million years ago and never used.  I almost put a red flower on top which I LOVE with the black and white but I decided the these flowers because I figured it would make it easier to go with most out fits.  Hopefully they fit!

I have another project up my sleeve.  It isn't done yet s just to give you a sneak peak it involves water colors, recycling and modge podge.  You can't go wrong there right?!

Until then...I need to go finishing making my home made wheat bread for our grill cheese we are having for dinner!  MMMMMMMM  We LOVE making grill cheese on home made wheat bread around here.

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Pure Images said...

I LOVE those shoes!!!

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