Friday, May 20, 2011

Your Mouth Will Thank You

Take some of these

Cut up the cheese and place it on the crackers like so ( the thicker the better if you love cheese like I do )

Microwave about 15 to 20 seconds ( depending on how thick your cheese was! )

And enjoy!

The Triscuits come in so many yummy flavors.  One of my favorites is actually the fire roasted tomato and garlic.  Those are AMAZING!  This is of course not a South Beach Diet Approved snack.  It is however, a Katie is on her period and needed something more then a salad snack!  :)

Oh and by the way, you're welcome!


Lesley said...

Heck ya! I love me some Triscuit crackers! This post is making me so hungry...and that it's SB aproved is a win for Lesley!

*Lauren* said...

Hahaha! You're too cute Katie!

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