Friday, May 6, 2011

Coconut Oil Day 14

I know April is over but that doesn't mean the coconut oil post have to end right?  I read that coconut oil is a great sun screen.  Seems odd right?  It would be like rubbing oil all over yourself and then going out to COOK in the sun not to keep from cooking in the sun.  Well my daughter the other day got sun burnt out side playing.  I gave her a bath and then rubbed her down with coconut oil and it seemed to help a lot!  An hour later her skin was no longer hot.  The next day we went to play out side in the sprinklers ( see last post ) and so I rubbed my kids down with coconut oil.  Neither of them got an burn.  I must say we were not out ALLLLLL day so I don't want you to try this and get burned and blame me.  We were out for about two hours or so.  I think it did help.  Not sure if it prevented it entirely.  I am going to try this again with myself.  I burn just thinking about going out in the sun.  You know how us red heads have sensitive skin.  

Give it a try.  I also used it on some of Kayla's cuts lately.  I think it helped a lot!  No infections and she had dirt in her cut.  I am pleased.  :)

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Christie said...

I've heard of this also and know that Hawaiians will use that to prevent sunburns. I've just never tried it and I'm Hawaiian.

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