Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sleep Mask

I got lasik.  Most of you know this and I don't want to keep bringing it up.  BUT my eyes have been so dry which is a side effect of having it done.  I have recently figured out that I am one of those people who don't always close their eyes all of the way when they sleep.  Creepy, I know.  So when I wake in the morning sometimes I have a dry spot on my left eye that takes TONS of eye drops and a couple of hours to go away.  It's annoying because the dry spot  causes some blurriness in that eye.  It's VERY annoying.  Any ways.  I wondered if wearing a sleep mask would help.  My sister and her husband use them and love them so why not try right?  I found a tutorial ( you don't REALLY need a tutorial but I like at least finding one that has a template you can print out )  I found it at Prudent Baby.  If you have never checked out their site I LOVE IT!  They have awesome stuff on it.  

The original tutorial I read used regular fabric on top and minkie for the inside.  I used minkie on both.  Also, it says to use dark fabric because that's the whole point is to have the room dark.  I used this light fabric plus I didn't use interfacing and it still seemed pretty dark.  The point for me was not to have the room dark though, it was to cover my eyes from the air.  The first night was great!  I slept better which was SO nice.  It gets light by like 5:30 here and it's so annoying.  My eyes, however, were SUPER dry! BOOOOOO  I figured I would try again last night but I had one of those nights where I just COULD NOT SLEEP!  Half way through the night I took it off.  I will try again tonight and see what happens.  I think it turned out really cute though.  I was looking at some on etsy.  People on etsy make me laugh!  Some people are charging like 18 to 20 dollars for these. Um, it took me TEN MINUTES TOPS!  That includes cutting out the template, cutting out my fabric...everything.  I would say 20 bucks is for sure over kill.  :)  

here's the LINK

I have a really cute idea to make some of these for my sister and brother in law.  I hope it is something I follow through with because I really think it would be super cute!  

My mom and dad are on their way to my house.  It takes them 5 or 6 hours but I can't wait to see them.  the kids are super excited.  They will be here until Thursday morning so it's a quick trip.  I probably won't post again until then.  So have a great few days!  I know I will.

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Marina said...

These are so cute! Thanks for your comment! Stopping by from Justsewsassy.com

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