Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh Well...

My hubby woke up yesterday with a terrible tummy ache.  I made us some wheat pancakes and they didn't stay down for him.  He was running to the bathroom every half an hour or so.  I would be talking to him not paying attention and then all of the sudden I would look up and he would be gone.  I told him there was no way he could go to church.  He felt bad and I said, "It's not like I've never taken the kids to church by myself before"  He still felt bad.  Around 11 o'clock I was fixing Kayla's dress I was going to put on her for church when I realized DUH!  I can't drive us to church because my license expired and I am waiting to get my new one in the mail.  DOH!  My boy was so sad.  He LOVES church and was looking forward to seeing his friend.  So what was I supposed to do now?  I cleaned a little.  And then.....well.....I updated my etsy shop of course!  haha  Check out the three cute things I worked on yesterday while the kids were napping.

I like how this one turned out.  I actually had it done about a week or two ago but never attached it to any thing so I finally got in on a head band.

I think this one turned out cute too.  Next time I make one I won't make the ruffle quite so long.  I htink a little shorter would be better.

And lastly ( I LOVE this one! )

YES, it is HUGE!  I didn't mean for this one to be this huge BUT I had never made one before.  I am going to make more though because I think they are so cute.  Next time I know to start much smaller.  So what do you think?  I also added a purse which is SUPER cute.  I am sad because the pictures I took don't really do it justice.

I love the fabric.  I originally bought it to make a summer dress for Kayla and then I never did.  So now it got turned into a purse.  I am planning on making either a matching wallet or sun glasses case to put in the shop too.  I am also hoping to add some jewelry later.  My sister is the jewelry maker, not me.  She made some for a church function and they didn't end up using all of it.  She was going to just give it to me and my mom and I told her why not sell it?!  That is expect for the necklace I really like which I stole.  haha  Any ways.  Hopefully that will be up in the shop later today.  Go take a look y'all.

SO what did YOU do this weekend?  I hope you got to go to church since we didn't.

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