Monday, May 16, 2011


I went CRACKER CRAZY this weekend!  I needed to bring a snack to church for the nursery and instead of bringing store bought graham crackers or fishy crackers, I decided to try and make some.  On my search to find other graham crackers recipes I read a lot of different things.  This led me to find other crackers recipes and go a little crazy.  I ended up making graham crackers, "ritz" crackers and fishy crackers.  The fishy crackers were good but not EXCELLENT.  Part of that was my fault.  I only had low fat cheddar because of my south beach diet and so it was as cheesy tasting as they should be.  The good thing though is that is recipe has spinach and carrots in them and I SWEAR you can NOT taste them.  This makes them perfect for picky kids who don't eat veggies.  The dough is really simple.  You basically put everything in the food processor.  Then you chill the dough for a couple of hours, roll out and cut out the fishy.  This part is tricky.  I wanted them to look like fishy crackers so I had to make a cookie cutter.  I cut open a soda can to shape myself a fishy.  It took three tries because I kept breaking the aluminum.  :)  By the way, NONE of this was my idea!  I stole it all from the source I found the recipe.  I will post a link at the bottom of this post so you can check it out.  The only modification I did was I added some pepper jack cheese which I wish I would have added more of because I couldn't taste it.  So here is my pictures!

LINK HERE  Get the recipe by clicking on the link.  Also I did two batches of these puppies and the first batch I thought I over cooked.  So the next batch I took out sooner.  The "over cooked" ones ended up having the crunch you want in a crackers and the others ones were more like bread dough.  The crunchy ones were better!

Now for the ritz crackers.  I messed this up because the dough is SUPER springy!  I didn't roll mine out thin enough.  It was HARD to get it thin.  Then they also cooked up in the oven which I didn't think they were going to do.  SOOOO the ones that came out thin were good and did have some crunch to them.  The thick ones taste more like biscuits  which are still really yummy, but aren't ritz cracker like.  So make sure you roll them out REALLy thin when you cut them out.  I just used something round and then poked holes in them with a tooth pick.  I didn't take pictures of these but they are worth a try.  Here is the recipe for those RITZ RECIPE  ( awesome blog if you just poke around on here site.  She also has a fishy cracker one with no carrot or spinach in it if you are scared to try that! )

And lastly was the graham crackers.  I made these before and thought they were very good but I wished they had a little more flavor to them.  The recipe is found HERE  After reading several other recipes I changed a couple of things in this recipe.  I did half white sugar and half brown sugar.  Plus I let my 1/4 tsp of cinnamon turn more into a 1/2 tsp.  I also added a few dashes of pumpkin pie spice!  YUM!  That's it.  I think they were for sure more flavorful.  Still not perfect for my tasting but much better.  I like things sweet though so for those who don't like things sweet you probably want to stick with the original recipe.   So go try some cracker recipes.  

On a side note I ALWAYS try and give you guys a link if I got an idea from someone else.  Even if I changed the recipe like in the above crackers.  Please let me know if you feel I took something from you and didn't give you any credit.  I HATE when others do that to me so don't let me do it to you!  Thanks. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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