Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lunch Box Swap

Here are the tips I got from my South Beach Diet email today on ways to healthy up your lunches!  They are good ideas so read up and get healthy y'all.

Swap…high-fat lunch meats like bologna and salami
For…lean reduced-sodium deli meats like roast turkey, lean ham, and grilled chicken breast
Swap…white bread and white pasta
For…100% whole-grain bread and whole-wheat pasta
Swap…fried chips and other high-fat, low-nutrition snacks
For…reduced-fat cheese sticks, a handful of nuts, veggie dippers (like carrots) with hummus, or a fiber-rich snack like plain air-popped popcorn
Swap…fruit canned in syrup
For…fresh fruit or fruit packed in its natural juice
Swap…cookies and cakes
For…fresh fruit or sugar-free gelatin
Swap…sugary fruit drinks and sodas
For…vegetable juice blend, water, or low-fat or fat-free milk

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