Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Quilt

If I don't get to write an actual blog soon I might scream.  I have had several written in my head but haven't had the time. Then this weekend and yesterday I TOTALLY had the time but my internet wasn't working. Figures.  So today I am backup and running only I have people coming over for dinner and my house is a mess.  Also, my son got some kind of a bug and is home sick today from school.  He was SO sad to have to miss a day of school already!  So was I!  Yesterday I was planning on running to JoAnn's for their labor day sale.  I actually needed some material for something I need to make for a birthday present.  My son woke up with a fever.  Then he started to feel better and BEGGED me to take him shopping.  We got to JoAnn's at 10:30 or so and the whole parking lot was packed!  BOOOOO So I didn't go in.  I wasn't going to do that to my kids, especially when one wasn't feeling well.  I took them to the dollar store and then to get lunch.  AFTER I already forked up the money for lunch Tyler starts getting the chills and of course doesn't really feel like eating.  We get home I BEGGED him to TRY REALLY HARD to take a nap.  He of course doesn't nap.  But he at least rest on his bed for over an hour.

I start dinner and my husband comes home.  He felt bad I didn't get to JoAnn's.  He tells me to go ahead and go now.  We eat dinner and I get a shopping list ready.  I figure if I am going into town I better get groceries too.  ( It takes 30 minutes or so to get into town. )  I kiss everyone good bye, I get about 5 minutes from JoAnn's and I get a tex telling me my son just puked every where!  REALLY?  I FINALLY get out of the house by myself with my husband's blessing and he throws up?  I went straight to the store and bought groceries and went home.  No JoAnn's for me again.  Oh well.  I got home and found this on the couch

He fell asleep at like 8:30 with the throw up bowl in one hand and the ipod so he could play angry birds, in the other!  haha  He is SOOOOOO sad he had to miss a day of school already.

Before all of the sickness happened and the internet stopped working, I got something new in the etsy shop listed.  It is a baby quilt that my mom mad and I LOVE it!  It is SOOOO cute.

Isn't it cute?  I wish I had the need for a baby girl quilt because this one is so sweet.

Cross your fingers for me that tomorrow I can get my tutorial from LAST week up and running.  I'm dying to get it on here.

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Mrs. Sassy Crafter (Fabi) said...

Katie poor baby!!!! are you sure he wanted to go out, or maybe the crafty voices told you to??? hahahah just kidding ;0) hope he feels better soon....The quilt is adorable!!!! Tried your pie recipe, made it with raspberry lemonade instead, omgosh! it was delicioussssssss!!!! TFS =0)

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