Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Crafty

I have been not the craftiest person ever, but I have had projects going non-stop it seems through out the last week.  I was asked to do some hair clips for someone's wedding.  They wanted some different colors then usual weddings which made it slightly harder to get the stuff to make them. They wanted black and red flowers, with feathers and netting.  I bet this wedding is going to be styling!  Here is what I made

The black flower is for the bride and the red flowers are for the bridesmaids.  You have NO idea how hard it was to find black flowers that were NOT roses.  I finally found a "bush"that was black leaves and I took those apart and glued them all together to form a flower.  Then the red flowers I had bought were bigger then the black flower.  I couldn't have that seeing as how it was the brides hair things, so I call ALL of the petals off and then glues those all together to form smaller flowers. It was a lot of work!  But I think they turned out great.  I also did a garter and some other wedding hair things this week.  I'll post later.

I had some drama when on Thursday my husband got out my external hard drive to get a picture off of it that someone had ordered on canvas from my etsy store only to find out that the hard drive was not responding.  It was the back up to my lap top which fried about e month ago.  So my back up to my lap top and the lap top were both gone.  This means I probably lost 10,000 pictures and most were from pregnancy with my daughter on.  So pretty much all of her baby pictures.  I was CRUSHED!  I balled myself to sleep.  We are hopeful that we are going to be able to retrieve them.  I'll let you know how that goes.  I'm crossing my fingers and SO GLAD, I was a good blogger on my family blog during those years so I know I have a lot of those pictures SOMEWHERE.  I am still pretty depressed but we'll see what happens.  I gotta run for now but I'll be back soon with more projects to show you !  Hope evryone is having a great Monday!!!

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