Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chocolate Milk

My kids love chocolate milk.  Let me rephrase that.  My GIRL loves chocolate milk and my boy has kinda grown out of it.  Most of the time he wants regular milk now.  My girl on the other hand won't even drink regular milk any more.  First thing in the morning she has a sippy of chocolate milk for breakfast.  Can you blame her?!  I love having some nesquik milk for breakfast half of the time too.  Any ways.  If I had never of tried doing the South BEach diet I would have never thought to try less sugar.  I KNOW sugar is bad for you but I just had never really been concerned about stuff like that.  Do you know what?  I see the two of these in the store ALL of the time.

I would have assumed before trying the South BEach diet that 25 % less sugar would be LESS sugar.  Hmmmm  If you are a South Beach dieter you know that things that say NO SUGAR ADDED are usually allowed.  Like no sugar added fudgesicles are a yes when doing South Beach.  I always buy the no sugar added nesquik because it is also allowed.  Before that I always bought the 25% less sugar.  Well, the other day we were OUT OF CHOCOLATE MIX! Seriously OUT!  I knew that was an emergency for my daughter because she wouldn't drink plain milk.  I ran to the little market where we live and they only had the 25% less sugar and since it was an emergency I bought it.  A couple of days later I found the NO SUGAR ADDED.  When I got home I compared the two and was shocked!

25 %  less sugar has
60 calories
0.5 g Total fat
30 g sodium
14 g total carbs
13 g sugar


NO sugar added
35 calories
1 g total fat
70 g sodium
7 g total carb
3 g sugar

Man!   What a difference huh?!  I was shocked it was that much and I HONESTLY think the no sugar added taste much better, it however doesn't mix as well but that's okay.  Obviously the sodium is higher but I don't take in much sodium and neither do my kids so I'm okay with that.
So is this news to anyone else or am I the only dummy who didn't realize this?!   I mean really when you see "no sugar added" verses "25% less sugar"  I just thought LESS SUGAR meant it would have LESS sugar.  That's what I get for assuming right?

Hope this helped even one person.  :)

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Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Katie, have you tried making it homemade? It's so simple and you can control the sugar. (plus, you can avoid the other junk that nestle puts in there.) Here's my recipe...

Homemade Nesquik

Someone recommended to mix it with a tiny bit of hot water before adding milk to make it all mix well. I tried it and it worked really well.

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