Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We Made IT!

So Friday was a CRAZY day for me. I had a bunch of stuff to do and I got a phone call in the morning that made my day a little more complicated but in a GREAT way! The county that I live in puts out what they call a new comers guide that they put out twice as year with all the different things to do in our county and it has advertisements. I guess when they put it out each time they do a photo contest for the front cover. My friend Sarah called me and told me about it and I decided to enter. It had to be a picture taken in our county and it had to be of the FALL or WINTER theme. I entered this picture

I got a call Friday telling me I WON! YEAH! So they wanted me to come down and answer a few questions but they also wanted to take my picture. YIKES. It is SO much easier being BEHIND the camera instead of in front of it.

As I was getting ready and had a million things going through my head, I unplugged my flat iron and walked out of the bath room. Miss Kayla decided to walk passes me over to the flat iron and grab it. DOH! Her finger was red but not blistered. A couple of hours later she ate lunch and kept biting on her finger and irritated it and she got a HUGE blister. CRAP.

Well, then we headed out for Utah and we DROVE. It was a long drive and she got bored along the way. What better way to pass the time then to BITE HER BLISTER OFF! I swear...so now she is looking pretty beat up. Lots of medicine and a million band aides later, I hope she is healing. Crazy girl. Now we are in Utah and having fun. Pictures to come. :)

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Jackie said...

WOW! Super cool that you won! That's totally awesome. I'm pumped for you!

It's a great picture.

Crazy girl. Bit her blister off! WOW!
Sounds painful!

Glad you made it, that drive sounds MISERABLE!

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