Sunday, October 31, 2010

SO Boring

I apologize for being so boring lately! I am so busy here in Utah and when I DO have time to do stuff it goes by so quick that the blogging is effected. Also I have been sewing a lot but then, I haven't at the same time. I sewed a purse this week but I can't post pictures until my friend gets it in the mail. Until then, how about some Halloween pictures?! I decided at the last minute to be a witch. I had just bought a black dress at the thrift store and on impulse a couple of weeks ago I bought a short black wig at walmart. Now all I needed was black leggings and a witch hat. Seems easy enough right?! WRONG! I wanted a SIMPLE black witch hat. ALL I could fin were these 10 to 15 dollar hats that had feathers, glitter or BOTH! Finally I went to Walmart and found one that I actually LOVED! I was sad I had to pay 9 dollars for it BUT I am going to re-purpose it sometime this week and make something cool out of all the stuff on top of the hat.

I STILL can NOT figure out why bloggers new uploader will NOT let me post pictures that are up and down. I am about to go back to old the one but I don't want to because the pictures post so small but I am SICK of it turning my pictures! GRRRRRRRRRRRR

MAN I WANT TO SCREAM!  Now it won't let me upload anything.....I am gonna kick my blogger in the butt one of these days....well.  Until someone can give me some advice on how to fix my stupid blog or until I can figure it out ( which could be a while because I SUCK at computer stuff ) I'll have to post more later.  BOOOOOOOOOOOO


PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

Katie I use picasa (owned by google) I upload my picture to my albums and then when I click add picture on blogger it is very streamlined.

Just a thought.

what a cute witch you make.

Katie said...

Thanks jen I will try it. I use picasa for editing all the time but I hadn't tried using it for blogger yet.

Jackie said...

LOVE this picture! You look great!

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