Sunday, October 10, 2010

Purse Purse Everywhere

So I have said this before but I feel the need to say it again...I AM OBSESSED WITH SEWING PURSES!  haha  Which is so funny because I have never been a big purse girl.  I mean, I ALWAYS carry a purse but I will use the same purse for years before I use a different one.  Now that I can sew, I have many!  Not to mention I love making them for other people.  I have a purse for my friends birthday, a diaper bag for my sister and a diaper bag for a friend in the works right now!  It is awesome.

Do you remember the give away I had a while ago to celebrate my one year anniversary with my sewing machine?!?  WELL, I am FINALLY getting around to posting pictures.  It took me a whole month to make it and I was waiting to here back from the girl who won to let me know she got it. It has been 2 weeks so let's cross our fingers she has it because it is probably LONG gone by now if she didn't get it.  I MUST remember to insure my packages from now on....

So here are the pictures.

So there is the front pocket which is the brown with the flowers.  Then the inside has two pockets; one which is bigger then the other.  Then we have the other side which doesn't have the middle pocket so I made a cuet brooch to pin on it that can be moved any where on the bag

I had some issues with this purse.  You are supposed to use a sturdy interfacing so the bag stays up on it's own and my cheap sewing machine didn't like it.  PLUS I bought sew in interfacing and had never used it and I hated it.  BOOOOOOOOOOO    The iron on kind is the ONLY way to go from now on...once my bolt of sew in kind is gone.  Check out how NON straight my top stitching was on the bias tape around the top

HOPEFULLY Crystal likes it!  :) 


Jessica Warrick said...

I think its great. Maybe next time use thread that matches the color of the fabric so you dont see the stitching. But otherwise great. I too love to sew purses adn have been unable to for a while but i will definitly get back to sewing.

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Way cute! The colors are so nice together. I have no idea where you find the time to make all of these purses. You're like superwoman!

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