Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jack and Jill Hat

Izzy and Ivy has really cute designs!  I have seen the Jack and Jill hat before and thought it was adorable but I am kind of a price snob!  I HATE spending more then like 6 or 7 dollars on a pattern.  This one was 13.  YIKES!  Well, I got to my moms and she said, "Check out the cute hat pattern I bought!"  Low and behold it was the Jack and Jill hat by Izzy and Ivy!  YEAH!  She has not tested it yet so I decided to be her pattern tester while she was working on a quilt for my future nephew.  I decided to use an old pair of jeans and some left over material from Kayla's baby quilt my mom made her.  OH MY GOSH it turned out SO cute!  Check it out

I wanted the center of the flower to be the jean material but the dumb button kit I bought would NOT work with the jean material. I just love how it turned out. I think it is adorable. NOW if ONLY I could get Kayla to wear it! HAHA

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*Lauren* said...

That IS adorable! You did a great Job Katie!!! If you feel the need to mae more, Bradlie would lovingly wear it. Still don't know why she's obsessed with hats. Everytime I put a jacket or long-sleeved shirt on her and it has a hood, it's on her head before I get the jacket or shirt on her. I have to hide her winter hats or beanies because it'll be like 80 degrees outside and she's walking around with a hat on--silly! Did your mom pay $13 for the pattern? Yikes!

Wahima said...

it is super cute!!!

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

LOVE THIS! ...and what a cute model :)

Ash said...

It IS so cute! I love the pink and brown, and the flower is such a great touch.

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